Hong Kong Gold Coins | The Baller Collection

Posted on 20 May 2019

Hong Kong Coins | The Baller Collection

香港錢幣 / 珍藏

The Crème de la crème of Hong Kong modern coins to collect are undoubtedly in the form of gold coins and medals from the Royal Mint – also known as the Baller Collection!


There are several highly collectible gold coin and medal series from Hong Kong and we will have a look at our top three:


Royal Visit $1,000 Gold Coins from 1975 and 1986


Lunar Zodiac Animal Coin set, 1976-1986


Royal Mint Zodiac Commemorative Medal Set, 1988 to 2000 


Hong Kong Gold Coins - Royal Visit


Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh made their first visit to Hong Kong in 1975 making the Queen the first reigning monarch ever to visit the former Crown Colony of Hong Kong.


The Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, were greeted with full pomp and ceremony meeting with high government officials whilst also being given the opportunity to see first hand the real lives of Hong Kongers in the markets and at the races!     


To commemorate the special visit the Royal Mint issued the first $1,000 Hong Kong Gold Coin in both proof and brilliant uncirculated versions.  Her Majesty The Queen was presented with her own proof commemorative gold coin at City Hall during the visit and to this day, the 1975 gold coins remain one of the most highly sort after (and expensive) Hong Kong gold coins.



Hong Kong Proof Gold 1975 Royal Visit Coin

The inaugural Royal Visit in 1975 was followed up with an additional visit eleven years later and two years after the signing of the Sino-British Join Declaration in 1986. The trip was perhaps more famous with Elizabeth II becoming the first British Monarch to visit mainland China where she visited Xian, Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming and Guangzhou before sailing on to Hong Kong aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia.  


1986 $1,000 gold coins were also produced by the Royal Mint to celebrate the occasion and are generally still more accessible for collectors than the earlier 1975 coins.


Lastly, Their Royal Highnesses Prince Charles and Princess Diana also made an official visit to Hong Kong in November 1989. The Royal Couple attended the opening of the Hong Kong Cultural Center and a limited-edition Royal Mint Medal was released to celebrate their visit. Only 950 pieces of the 22 carrot gold medal were released and it remains very difficult to hunt down good quality examples today.


Hong Kong Gold Coins - Lunar Zodiac Animal Gold coin set:

香港金幣 - 生肖系列金幣

Hong Kong 1976 Year of the Dragon Gold Coin

Following the successful release of the $1,000 Hong Kong Royal Visit Gold Commemorative Coin in 1975, the Royal Mint produced the full lunar zodiac series between 1976 and 1987.


All coins were again released in proof and brilliant uncirculated versions. The most desirable for collectors are quite probably the Dragon from 1976 and the Pig from 1983. The Year of the Pig gold coin was issued amidst a good deal of economic uncertainty resulting in relatively low sales of the expensive gold resulting in many of the unsold coins being subsequently melted down. High quality examples of the Hong Kong Gold Year of the Pig coin can be a little tricky to find today.


Hong Kong Lunar Zodiac Animal Gold and Silver Medal set 1988-2000:

香港生肖系列金牌及銀牌 1988年至2000

Hong Kong Year of the Dragon Silver Medal 1988

The final issue from the Royal mint was a medal series without any monetary value. A full set of the zodiac animals was minted once again by the Royal Mint and all of the medals were issued in both Silver and Gold.


The medal’s design features the Lunar animal on the obverse with the Hong Kong Victorian Seal on the reverse. The gold versions contain a ½ ounce of 22K gold with a mintage of 12,000 and also command pretty high prices today. The silver range are also popular with collectors at a relatively accessible price point when compared to other rare medals from the same period.


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