Unique 1989 30th Hong Kong Birthday gift ideas | 1989 Queen Elizabeth II Hong Kong coins

Posted on 06 April 2019

30th Hong Kong Birthday gift ideas – Why not check out our selection of 1989 Queen Elizabeth II Hong Kong Coins?

The World in 1989

No sooner had we published a recommendation on unique Hong Kong gifts for those born in 1979, were we contacted by an American chap inquiring about rare souvenirs from Hong Kong in 1989 for an upcoming 30th birthday…

Well, not knowing a great deal about 1989 and having a very knowledgeable customer base, we’ve had another look through the archives and can confirm 1989 was another fantastic year in which many groundbreaking positive events took place.

As if only yesterday, 1989 was an exciting year with the fall of the Berlin Wall leading to the eventual reunification of East and West Germany and ultimately the end of the cold war.

On the sporting front Germany was also in the news when Boris Becker won another men’s’ singles trophy at Wimbledon. Furthermore, Steffi Graff saw off some stiff competition from Martina Navratilova to claim the women’s title.

However, it was not only Germany claiming all success in 1989. In the US The Simpsons aired for the first time and turns 30 in 2019!

Bill Gates and the guys at Microsoft were hard at work launching the software package most of use each day with the roll out of Microsoft Office including Word and early spreadsheets.

1989 in Hong Kong

To complete our fact finding mission on 1989 before heading to this year's Hong Kong Rugby Sevens we made a stop at the the Hong Kong Library in central to check what happened in Hong Kong in 1989...

Our research in the Hong Kong Library suggests 1989 was a relatively quiet year in Hong Kong with release of The Hong Kong film "Pedicab Driver" staring Sammo Hung being mentioned as one of the major positive news stories. We haven’t yet seen it ourselves but will of course follow up to fully complete our research.

Hong Kong 1989 Coins

Unique 1989 30th Hong Kong Birthday gift ideas | 1989 Queen Elizabeth II Hong Kong coins

Finally, and arguably most importantly, on the Hong Kong coin side of things, it was one of the last years that Queen Elizabeth II Hong Kong dollars were minted (produced if you will).

Only 1990, 1991 and 1992 Hong Kong coins followed with the Queen Elizabeth II design before Hong Kong dollars moved to the current design with the Bauhinia  flower.

Check out our 1989 Hong Kong coins HERE

Hong Kong 1969 Coins

In case we are also asked, we conducted some quick research on the possibility of 1969 Hong Kong coins for a unique 50th Birthday present. Sadly, however, our findings confirmed that they were no Hong Kong Queen Elizabeth II coins minted in 1969!

It is harsh for those born in 1969, however, we suspect they may well be very happy with one of our Hong Kong original maps and prints as a substitute which you can find HERE.

Hong Kong original maps

Happy Exploring!

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